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    Any handler/dog team that has not yet taken an AADTC agility class must attend the agility screening which is done prior to the session beginning. Dogs must be over 1 year of age to enroll in the agility classes.

    Note: Agility students are expected to be on time to class to assist in setup for the first 10-15 minutes of class and be available to assist with take-down and/or moving the equipment after class, as necessary.

    Introduction to Agility
    (pre-requisite – Dog over 1 year, successful completion of Household I, and Agility Screening) Dogs must have a reliable off-leash recall, sit, down, and brief stay. Attention given to agility maneuvers with emphasis on sending exercises, some series work, accuracy, control, motivation, and target training.
    Agility Skills
    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Intro to Agility and Beginner 1 or have had some beginner agility. Agility Foundation exercises are for dogs from agility beginners to advanced competitors who can benefit from improving foundation skills needed for successful agility competition. Dogs must be able to remain with their handler during off leash exercises.
    Beginner/Advanced Beginner Agility
    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Introduction to Agility, or Agility Screening. For dogs over 1 year of age. Graduated approach to agility training for beginning dogs/handlers. Emphasis is on learning obstacles safely, control on obstacles, and short series training. Levels offered are 1,2 & 3
    Intermediate Agility
    (pre-requisite – Beginner/Advanced Beginner Agility and Agility screening). Contact obstacles are now at full height. Jumps are generally at full height. Continued increasing difficulty with longer sequences of obstacles and jumping. Working to develop distance control.
    Competition Agility / Practice
    (pre-requisite – successful completion of Advanced Beginner Agility and Agility Screening). At this level, dog must be able to perform obstacles safely, at full height. Dog also must be under control when off-leash. You must be screened into this level of class. This class is focused on improving the handler/dog performance for dogs presently competing in agility trials. Concentration on sequencing and fine-tuning the dog’s performance and the handler’s skills. Dogs not meeting the above criteria will be excused from class.
        Competition I – Competing or ready to compete at the Novice level
        Competition II – Competing or ready to compete at the Open level
        Competion III – Competing or ready to compete at the Excellent level
    Agility Games
    (pre-requisite – Advanced Beginner Agility or equivalent and ability to work a minimum distance of 2-5 feet) Class for the competitor wishing to complete in CPE, NADAC, and/or USDAA. Covers rules and strategies for the many different types of games offered in these venues
    Agility Techniques and Maneuvers
    (pre-requisite: dog/handler teams competing or ready to compete at Open / Excellent level). Additional in-depth coverage of techniques of handling, team communication and course analysis. Learn how to achieve a faster, more fluid communicating/working team.
    Weaves / Contacts /
    (pre-requisite: Beginner Agility) Class not offered every term. Class focused on the particular obstacle. For example, “Weaves” would only focus on the weave pole obstacle and various techniques and skills needed to successfully complete the weave obstacle. A “Contacts” class would only focus on contact obstacles of the teeter, dogwalk, and A-Frame. Learn to increase proficiency on the session’s obstacle topic.
    Agility Run-Thrus
    Handler/dog teams work through the course set-up by the class leader. Class participants will be required to assist with course set-up and/or tear down.