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    These classes are designed to prepare the handler/dog team to compete in obedience dog shows.

    Novice I
    (pre-requisite Household I equivalent and/or competition-experienced handler) – The foundation for the Novice exercises are introduced. Emphasis is placed on motivation and attention. Introduction to sit, down, stand, stay, recall, fronts, finishes, and heeling (position and attention). Class can be repeated.Novice II
    (pre-requisite Novice I) – continuation of skills learned in Novice I. Increasing distance and proofing of handler/dog team, as appropriate. Work on precision of Novice exercises. Introduction of stand for examine, heeling change of pace, heeling with turns, Figure 8. Class can be repeated.
    Novice III
    (pre-requisite Novice II) – continuation of skills learned in Novice II. Increase to full distance and increased level of proofing, as appropriate. Continued emphasis on precision of Novice exercises. Introduction of off-leash heeling. If time permits, introduction of Open-level skills of retrieving and jumping and Utility signals. Class can be repeated.
    (pre-requisite successful completion of Novice III or completed at least one CD leg) - The foundation for the Open exercises are introduced. Continued work on precision heeling, including various paces, turns and Figure 8. Introduction to drop on recall, retrieving, open-level jumping, and out of sight stays. Class can be repeated.
    (pre-requisite successful completion of Open or at least one leg on C.D.X. title) - The foundation for the Utility exercises are introduced. Continued work on precision heeling, now with the addition of signals.. Introduction to signals, moving stand, go outs, directed jumping, gloves, and scent articles. Class can be repeated.
    Proofing / Practice Classes
    The exercises are not “taught” in these classes. When offered, these classes expect that handler/dog team has completed all necessary training for the exercises at the level and only needs additional proofing/practice opportunities. A proofing/practice class may cover more than one level in same class.
  • Novice – pre-requisite – successful completion of Novice III and/or competing at the Novice level
  • Open – pre-requisite – successful completion of Open and/or competing at the Open level
  • Utility – pre-requisite – successful completion of Utility and/or competing at the Utility level
  • Obedience Maneuvers Toolbox
    (pre-requisite – none) If you are interested in eventually showing at the Open and/or Utility level, consider this five week session covering some techniques and tools which can improve your training, proofing and polishing. Ideal for the training and proofing Open and Utility level exercises. The dog may be at any level of training. Learn some new methods to add to your existing obedience “toolbox”. The session will not cover training the Open and Utility level exercises, however.
    Advanced Teamwork
    Give your dog new learning opportunities with exercises based on heeling, scent work, and retrieving, yet done in fun, unconventional ways. For additional information on this non-regular class, check out the AKC Obedience Rules (Chap. 15, sec. 11) at www.akc.org. Pre-requisite—dog needs to understand heeling and introduction/willingness to retrieve toys, etc.
    C-WAGS Obedience
    Introduce novice dogs and handlers to C-WAGS obedience, and prepare for competition in C-WAGS levels 1 and 2. Skills to be practiced include heeling, position changes, stays, and (for level 2) recall over jump. Differences between AKC and C-WAGS will be discussed. The 1.5-hour class will be split. Level 1 skills and exercises will be covered in the first 45 minutes, and level 2 skills and exercises will be covered in the second 45 minutes. Handlers can sign up for one or both sections.
    (pre-requisite - Level 1- household obedience or star puppy level class. Level 2 - in addition dogs should have been introduced to heeling and be able to heel 20-30 feet.)