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    Rally classes are help prepare the handler/dog team to compete competitively in Rally and have fun working on obedience skills at the same time. Some sessions may cover all Rally levels (Novice/Advanced/Excellent) in one class. Perfection is not expected. More advanced students will be encouraged to try to work off-leash. There will be instruction on how to perform the various exercises. Training assistance will be tailored to the needs to the handler/dog team. Two or three courses will be worked each week. Students should bring a portable crate to use when walking the courses. Visit the American Kennel Club website for a more detailed description of rally (www.akc.org/events/rally/) and rally course stations (www.akc.org/rules/).

    Rally Novice
    (pre-requisite – Household II, Novice I equivalent or instructor’s permission). The handler/dog team is expected to have the basics of heeling (without leash pulling), fronts, and finishes.
    Rally Advanced
    (pre-requisite – Novice I equivalent or instructor’s permission) Handler/dog team needs to be ready to perform off-leash heeling.
    Rally Excellent
    (pre-requisite – Novice I equivalent or instructor’s permission). Handler/dog team should be able to perform off-leash heeling.