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    Specialty classes are not offered every session.

    C-WAGS Games
    Introduction of novice dogs and handlers to C-WAGS games. Prepare for competition in C-WAGS Games which are based on Obedience, Rally, Scent and Grab Bag games. The instructor will choose the focus.
    Prerequisites - dogs should be able to heel (with encouragement/treats) for 20- 30 feet and have some understanding of how to front and finish. Advanced dogs and handlers are welcome to sign up, but should understand that the class will be taught at a level appropriate for beginner dogs and handlers.
    Introduction to Field Training
    A class for young dogs with owners interested in the training for hunt tests. Dog will be introduced to retrieving bumpers and some bird work and blind work will be introduced. Pre-requisites: Dog must be under control and like to retrieve anything. Need a collar and leash for the dog and a whistle.
    (pre-requisite – dog must be at least 6 months of age and not older than 6 years of age. Household I or equivalent). Dogs must not be aggressive and in reasonable physical shape (not obese, lame, etc.). Dogs must have a “come” on and off-leash, “sit”, “down”, understanding of “stay”, and basic interest in retrieving. Class will cover basic Flyball skills, rules of play, working with and without jumps, and Flyball box training.
    Introduction to Nosework
    This class develops your dogs desire to use his sense of smell to search/hunt independently. Your dog will learn to recognize and search boxes for his reward both on and off leash. Also to search for his reward outside of boxes as his skills develop. Handlers will learn to read your dog’s behavior and will learn to recognize hunting/searching behavior versus behavior when the dog has found the source.
    Introductions to Nosework II
    This class continues to develop your dogs desire to use his sense of smell to search/hunt independently. It is the continuation of Introduction to Nosewo the teams as they search will be used to help the team to analyze the behavior changes the dog presents. The class will continue to build foundation skills for Interiors and Containers. The initial foundation skills for vehicle and exterior searches will be started. Some searches will be outside weather permitting.
    Nosework: Introduction to Odor
    This class follows INTRODUCTION TO NOSEWORK II. Dogs are introduced to the BIRCH odor. Proper odor handling techniques will be explained. The foundation skills built in the first two classes will be transitioned to searches with Odor. Most dogs will be ready for NACSW ORT (Odor Recognition Test) or UKC’s PRE_TRIAL Test at the conclusion of this class.
    Nosework: Vehicles and Exteriors
    This course develops the dog and handler team’s search skills in an outdoor environment including multiples vehicle searches. The nosework team must be minimally proficient in the BIRCH odor. The student must have completed the INTRODUCTION TO ODOR course or obtained permission of the instructor. This is a traveling class which will meet in various locations in the Ann Arbor area in order to afford a variety of search challenges for the class participants (E.G. Metro Parks, AADTC Building, Businesses, Schools…)
    Nosework: Advanced Containers
    This class will introduce a variety of containers other than cardboard boxes. (purses, suitcases, sports bags, golf bags, plastic containers etc...) The method for introducing a second scent will be discussed in this session. Non-cardboard containers are part of the NACSW Level 2 testing scenario. Food and toy distractions will be added instructor is required for admission.
    Nosework: Trial Prep
    This class is for all dogs that are currently competing or ready to compete beyond ORT or PRE-TRIAL levels. Class will cover nosework rules and regulations for C-WAGS , UKC and NACSW competitions. All searches will be timed and blind with help. Searches will be taped and videos will be critiqued as part of class in order to improve the handler’s ability to read their dog’s behavior changes during the search process. Handler strategy for different searches scenarios will also be presented and analyzed during video reviews looking for ways to improve the team’s time and ability to locate source. Handler errors that occur will be discussed as we identify improvement areas. This class requires instructor permission to register.
    No minimum age or previous training needed for Intro to Tracking. Learn to teach your dog to distinguish and follow a specific and slightly aged human scent. Class meets at various locations as determined by the instructor. Sessions last 2-3 hours minimum. The first class will meet at the AADTC building.
    Urban Tracking (VST)
    (Prerequisite: TD or TD certification): Class focuses on the beginning levels of Urban tracking – Variable Surface Tracking (VST). Short aged tracks will begin on short grass – near parking lots, various landscaping features and near buildings and other structures. Dogs entering this class must have their TD or TD certification.
    (pre-requisite – Household I or equivalent) Learn ways to teach your dog fun behaviors of trick and other maneuvers beyond the basic obedience exercises. Learn some basic movements used in free-style dancing with your dog. Class introduces principles and use of operant conditioning using positive reinforcement without use of corrections. Luring, targeting, and the proper use of food and toys will be discussed.