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    1-Print out

    • Forms only
    • Packet (packet containes class schedule, class descriptions and registration forms)
    2-Mail Forms (both the registration form and the instructors sheet) with check payable to AADTC to:

            AADTC Registrar
            2370 East Stadium Blvd #365
            Ann Arbor, MI 48104

        AADTC Registration Procedure/Policy

    • Forms processed on first-come, first-serve basis with members and current students given priority through the “initial, priority” deadline (generally 3 weeks before class start).
    • Classes limited, so registrations received prior to “priority” deadline may not guarantee class spot
    • Handlers wishing to take classes out of sequence or an advanced class without prior AADTC training must be screened by the AADTC Training Director
    • Handler must be 16 years or older. Exceptions only with Training Director and instructor approvals
    • No refunds after the 2nd week of term unless dog was excused by instructor
    • If instructor determines dog is a danger to class, dog will be excused and refund given upon notification to treasurer by the instructor
        Member Fees
    • The member rate is now 50% of the published non-member rate for the 1st class each term. Tracking classes are $55. The member rate for subsequent classes, in the same term, is based on the rates per number of weeks:
    • Class cost : 4-5 week = $30; 6-7 weeks = $35; 8-9 weeks = $40; 10-14 weeks = $50
    • All classes except tracking free to instructors who have taught in current calendar year. Tracking = $55
    • Official assistants get one class free for each class assisted
    • To Drop in on classes: Initial registration of $10, plus $5 per class.

        Conformation classes

    • classes are run by the Ann Arbor Kennel Club (AAKC). You may just show up and pay at the door. For conformation classes only, contact AAKC (Mary Ann) at (734) 426-2262